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CARBOMETUM® standard as an additive to concrete does not influence its static quality. Test values for cube pressure and strength, consistency, content of air voids, water content and density are all within the appropriate scatter range of concrete without additive (as tested on various concrete mixtures). The table below shows test values from 4 independent test centres.

Compressive strength

Compressive strength 28 days after mixing of the concrete, additive CARBOMETUM® standard: 3 kg / m³ concrete

engl-concrete testing-01_06_2010

  Holcim, concrete testing, CARBOMETUM® standard  3 kg/m3

  TFB, concrete testing, CARBOMETUM® standard  3 kg/m3

  Meichle & Mohr, concrete testing, CARBOMETUM® standard  3 kg/m3

  GEOTECHNICAL, concrete testing, CARBOMETUM® standard  1 kg/100 kg of cement