Proof of effect

The bio-energetic effect of building materials on humans can be demonstrated using special biophysical measuring methods, such that the influence of these materials on the human organism and its energy systems can be assessed.

Electro-Acupuncture (EAV)

Electro-Acupuncture (according to Voll) is a biometric measuring method that measures the conductance of the tissue at the acupuncture points of the fingers.

The measurement gives information about the functional condition of the corresponding organ system. Through a second measurement, during which the building material in question is inserted into a sample tester, its influence can be assessed.

Conventional concrete can cause differing amounts of stress to the circulatory system, heart function, lung or digestive tract, dependent upon the person being assessed. Such adverse effects disappear with concrete to which CARBOMETUM® has been added.
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Bio-Resonance (BICOM)

Bio-resonance measurements can be used to examine the biophysical interaction between a living organism and specific materials.

By revealing areas of resonance and dissonance it can be shown that conventional concrete to which CARBOMETUM® has been added becomes a bio-energetically optimal building material, comparable to un-fired clay.
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During radiesthesic measurements, the person assessed and a pendulum, form a biophysical system that is highly responsive and receptive to subtle energetic changes.
The ecologically conscious builder and architect Paul Leibundgut, examined material oscillation of concrete with and without CARBOMETUM®, using a technique called “Grifflaengentechnick” (grip length), based on Reinhard Schneider’s technique. A measurable improvement in the quality of the concrete was observed when CARBOMETUM® was added to the mix.

Positive polarisation at 6’000-9’000 on the Bovis-scale was measured in concrete with CARBOMETUM®, in contrast to conventional concrete with negative polarisation of less than 4’000.
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